Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Memoirs of a Huguenot Family by James Fontaine

My Culture Project at school is going great!

I am doing my project on my great x 11 grandfather, James Fontaine. He had an amazing life and cool family history. His great great grandfather was a member of the royal court in France in the early 1500s but was assassinated after he became a protestant and resigned his position on the court. James had trouble with the French because of this and fought French Pirates to defend his home in Ireland. If you want to read what really happened with him, his book is on the web. Click Here to go to it. Some of the parts are boring, but some are really unbelievable.

I am writing a 5+ page fictional story about him, focusing on the two pirate attacks he faced. Right now, I am outlining it. The outline is due this Friday, May 2nd. I'm actually pretty confident about this project. (Okay... I'm still worried about the speech part.) This isn't one of those boring school papers. This is an exciting story about something that really happened to my own ancestor. (Okay, that sounds a lot more fun when you say it that way.) I am about halfway through the outline already and I started it today! I have a feeling that I'll do fairly well. Wish me luck!


Anna said...

Good luck...even though I don't believe in Luck....I hope you do well. Good fortune to ye......

Brian said...


I just finished my rough outline last night and I think that it's pretty good.

The best part is that I just took my detailed outline, or the amount of my detailed outline I'd finished, and copied it to another document. Then I deleted all my details. Then I did the rest as a rough outline. Last, I copied everything I did for the rough outline onto the detailed outline. Now I just have to finish a few more details and I'll have extra time to work on my rough draft.

Wow. I can't even understand what I just said. If you don't, just think of it as me finishing something early. Now I can work on my rough draft early.

Ulla said...

This is great info to know.