Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random Stuff: April

To start off the month, I am going to get a lot of random stuff out of my head.

1.) APRIL FOOLS!!! I really am going to say a bunch of random stuff though... I guess that was one of them.

2.) I have just begun Ranger's Apprentice: Book 2: The Burning Bridge. I like it so far.

3.) I love being back here in Savvannah! It's warm. There's lots of family here. My best friend, Jeremy, lives here.

4.) Boy do I love Snow Crab! My mom and I went to a seafood restaraunt in downtown Savannah last night, and the snow crab was beyond good!

5.) I am working on a family tree/ family culture project for school. My grandma showed me a family tree she'd been working on, and it said that we had a very distant, but possible, ancestor who was in the crusades! Jon de la Fontain (I know I spelled that wrong.) How is that for cool!

6.) My other grandma said that she was working on another family tree, from a different part of my family. She says it's hard because my great great grandpa or something moved from Austria around the late 1800s so it's hard to track. However, she said that she found a relative who was on the side of the Confederates during the Civil War who was buried in a graveyard in this very city. My grandpa never even knew he existed!!!

7.) My brothers are so dang annoying!!! They always "have" to have the computer. I am beginning to wish that I had brought my laptop.

8.) The other day, my brother found a Nintendo DS game, The Sims 2: Pets, on the street! He is beyond lucky. (If only I still had my DS. 'sniff' sniff' I lost mine on a plane last summer. Oh well!

9.) I'm running out of random stuff to talk about.

10.) I can't wait to go to Camp Judea this summer in June. It's a sleepaway camp in NC where we stay for a month. Amazingly though, this will be the first time in years that I've gone to camp without having to leave school early. They've always overlapped. Sadly, there are no computers at camp for me to blog on.

11.) I really need to make a new poll.

I am completely out of random stuff to talk about. Hope everyone has a "foolish" April Fools day!


Sunbum said...
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Sunbum said...

Notice: Sorry I messed up on my last comment.

I was foolish enough to read this whole thing. :) I'm just kidding.

Brian said...

What was wrong with your comment? I didn't get a chance to read it.

Sunbum said...

I misspelled something because I forgot to spellcheck my comment. I suck at spelling. :(

Brian said...

No worries. I misspell stuff all the time. Your comments aren't graded.