Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man: Part 1

This kinda stinks. Here was my schedule for today:
1. Jon and Ben's Bar-Mitzvah
2. Go and See "Iron Man"
3. Jon and Ben's Bar-Mitzvah Party
4. Go to Bed

Now, here was how my day turned out:
1. Jon and Ben's Bar-Mitzvah
2. Go and See "Iron Man"
3. Watch my brother Ezra throw-up during the movie
4. Come home.
5. Start to feel sick.
6. Not go to Ben and Jon's Bar-Mitzvah party

I was going to post a review of Iron Man, but since I didn't see the whole think, I can't. However, my dad got passes from the manager to come and see the movie again. I think we're going next week. I'll post a review then. This stinks.


Anna said...

Did I miss something about Ezra? That's Geth the toothpick's bad half, right? Sorry you didn't get to finish the movie. I saw the previews, but I never was all that interested. hope you don't get sick!

Brian said...

Ezra is the name of one of my little brothers. I have 2, Ezra and Jordan.

Anna said...

Those are cute names! I don't have any younger siblings, I get to be the littlest... but I have three nephews, a niece, and one nephew and one niece on the way. It's not exactly like little bros and sisters, but it's kind of like a combination of your own kids and having little siblings. I also have a bunch of little cousins, but I never get to see them!