Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Warriors Books


Warriors: Outcast is finally here! I had pre-ordered it and it came yesterday, along with Warriors: Warrior's Return, Eragon, Fablehaven, and The Sword of Shannara (I know I spelled that wrong!) I read all of Warrior's Return on the drive to a Mariners game last night (they were out of Free Ichiro Bobble Heads when we got there.) I started Outcast on the drive to the ski slopes today. I am really excited. I've been waiting for a while.
I am still reading The Hobbit and I have just finished the chapter "Queer Lodgings." It was a really good chapter! I can't wait to see why the next chapter is called "Flies and Spiders." I have a pretty good idea though. I should have a post saying that I've finished Outcast (or The Hobbit) in a day or 2.


Sunbum said...

The Hobbit is so good! I think you should finish it first. Congrats on your new books. :)

Brian said...

Thanks, Sunbum! I'll probably finish Warriors first though. The Hobbit is still a little harder. To see why I'll probably finish Warriors first, read my "How to Read Two Books at a Time" post at:

I'll try my best to read both though.

Anna said...

What did you think of the chapter Queer Lodgings? That is one of my favorites. Isn't Gandalf funny in this one? Since the Hobbit was written for kids, it's a lot more humorous than The Lord of the Rings. That's one of the things I like best about it. You're making me want to read it again!

Brian said...

I really liked that chapter! I thought for a second that the skin-changer, Beorn, had actually betrayed them to the goblins. Your right, Gandalf was really funny in that chapter.

Anna said...

gandalf is funny throughout the whole book... he's my favorite.

Brian said...

Ok, that link I posted didn't work did it. Sorry.

Gandalf is funny, but he can also be both cool and weird at times.

I just finished Outcast yesterday, so now I'll finish reading The Hobbit before I start anything else.