Friday, April 4, 2008

Family Tree

My family tree research is going well. Last night, my grandma and I were adding more stuff into the tree and finding more stories about certain parts of the Brewton/Fontaine family. We found that there was also a book called the Memoirs of Jean de la Fontaine. It might have been Jacues de la Fontaine. Right now, a 40 something page long paper is being printed with lots of names to put into the family tree. Uh oh! It just ran out of paper.

2 minutes later...
I found the paper.

2 more minutes later...
Ok. That was a pain. I think I loaded enough paper to finish. (I hope.) Either way, the tree is really good. We have info on ancestors all the way from about the 1400s! For the project, we have to do a paper, a speech, and a visual display. I think I have the visual display covered. I'll do the time line and some pictures. I have no clue what I'll do on the other two though. Once I get the full rubric, I'll post some more info here. I have a feeling that I might need your help with thinking of ideas.

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