Sunday, November 25, 2007

Watching From the Ground: Chapter 1: The First Sign

I felt scared out of my wits. I was looking at my brother's still body at the foot of the cliff that I was standing at the top of. Only seconds ago, Jared had been standing here, right next to me, looking over the edge of the cliff. He can't be dead, he just can't be, I thought.
"Are you all right?" I yelled down to him.
"Yeah" he said in a tired voice that I could barely hear.
As quick as I could, I ran down the side of the cliff, toward my nearly broken brother.
As soon as I reached him, still gasping for breath, I said, "Wow. I can't believe you even lived that fall. How did you survive?"
"I don't know," he said in equal amazement, "But almost as soon as I fell, I had the greatest feeling running through me, and it felt like my fall had slowed down. It felt great until I hit the bottom."
" I thought there was something weird going on when you never started screaming," I said, remembering that terrifying and strange instant.
Silently, I helped my aching brother to his aching feet. Then, he said in exhaustion and pain, "Either way, it hurt, so let's get home and get Mom."
And we began the long walk home.
And even no I didn't know why, the thing that scared me the most was that he actually enjoyed the fall. I knew that somehow, it would lead to trouble.

Watching From the Ground

Soon, I will begin to write a sort of new story. I will be writeng both Survival Flight and Watching From the Ground at the same time. In fact, When I publish a chapter from one of them, I will also publish that same chapter from the other story. Actually, this will be the same story, but from the view of Jacob instead of Jared. Once I finish Chapter 3 from Watching From the Ground, I will continue the Survival Flight. The only two things that will be different in the stories, are that Watching From the Ground is in the view of Jacob, and that my new story won't have those little thinking periods in between chapters. Watching From the Ground will premiere, hopefully, tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Keep watch for Survival Flight: Amazement coming in December, 2007. Discontinued.

To Be Continued...

Usually, when I write "To be Continued..." I mean that it's a gap in the story, and that I won't write more until I feel like I've waited long enough.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Survival Flight: Chapter 3: The Ground Below

As we set down the very dirty mattress that we had dragged from home to the cliff, and began to climb back up to the cliff, I took a deep breath and said, "Jacob, your not jumping before me. If you fall and don't survive, well..."
"Well if I'm not jumping, niether are you. Whatever happens to you would also happen to me."
"No! If I die jumping off of this cliff, than at least I will have had a reason for doing it. If you jumped and didn't survive, you would have died for no reason."
Jacob gave me a funny look and said, "I would have died to stop you from dieing."
"Well, I won't let you!" I yelled as I ran torward the edge of the cliff. I always was faster than he was.
Just as I jumped, and my feet left the ground, with my eyes closed, I heard Jacob yell, "Noooooooooooo!!!"

I felt myself drop like a stone toward the foot of the cliff, that same amazing sensation taking over me, although this time it was not quelled by fear, but then, I felt like my drop was slowed and a new sensation took over me. Then, I felt like my drop had stopped entirely, as if I was moving in a different direction. And then...I opened my eyes and saw the ground below.

To Be Continued...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Survival Flight: Questioning

Should I really be doing this? I may feel like I have to jump again, but I might be putting myself and Jacob in danger. What if I'm not so lucky this time. And what if Jacobs not lucky enough either. O.K. I have to do it. I need to feel that felling again, to know what it is. But if Jacob jumps, he may not survive.

The Kittens Slide

If you wondering why I've got up a slide with cats on it, I am preparing for when we get our new kitten Apollo next month.
P.S. Keep an eye out for Survival Flight: Questioning
P.S.S. Those little sections bettween chapters in the story are Jareds thought, leading up to the next chapter.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Survival Flight: Chapter 2: My Brother

"I have to go back to that cliff."
"Jared, what are you talking about?" Jacob said incredulously.
"I really have no idea, but when I fell off of that cliff, I felt an amazing sensation. Sure, I was terrified, but it was a feeling that I have to feel again. I really can't explain it, but it was just so amazing." I was telling the truth. I had to go back. There was this strange new instinct in me, telling me to take new risks, although this instinct was mostly pulling me torward the cliff again. "Maybe we could drag a mattress under me of somthing. I just have to do it again except this time, I'll jump of, not trip."
"Well..." Jacob and I may have been twins, but we were nothing alike. Don't let the fact that we looked exactly the same fool you. While I was a straight A student, who sat on my bed and drilled through fantasy books all night, Jacob liked sports and would hang out with his friends from school, and would pretend to read a book at night until mom left, when he would pull out his GameBoy. I didn't complain. He always kept it on low volume. We were the best of friends too, always looking out for eachother. At school, whenever one of us was being picked on by "the cool kids", the other would always be the first to stand up for eachother. "alright, but I'm going to test if it's safe first. If you got hurt like that again, Mom wouldn't let you out of her sight until we were eighteen." That was my bro, always looking out for me.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Survival Flight: Contemplation

I wonder why I was able to survive. Even though I felt like I was going to die, after I hit the bottom I didn't. The weirdest part, was that I liked falling of the cliff. I even enjoyed it. In fact, I feel like I want to do it again. How is that possible?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Story

Well, Kathryn, you said i needed to write a new story, so here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Survival Flight: Chapter 1: The First Sign

Pain swept through me like lightning, and I ached all over, even though my pain was not as great as my feeling of wonder. But that wonder was quickly be pressed down by hurt in my body. I looked up and saw the edge of the cliff towering over me, Jacob's face looking down on me with an expression of horror written all over it.
"Are you all right?" he yelled down to me.
"Yeah," I managed to yell back.
As I tried to sit up, Jacob raced down the side of the cliff toward me. "Wow," he said in amazement, " I can't believe you even lived that fall. How did you survive?"
" I don't know," I answered, equally amazed. "But almost as soon as I fell, I had the greatest feeling running through me, and it felt like my fall had slowed down. It felt great until I hit the bottom."
"I thought there was something weird going on when you never started screaming."
Slowly and silently, I tried to climb to my feet. " Either way it hurt, so let's get home and get Mom."
"Yeah, Mom will be able to patch you up, bro."
And we began the long walk home.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Never Ending Fish Part 2

A few months later...
4 more fish came under the Tillinger roof.

We had got 4 more fish without telling our parents. Our Aunt Laura told us we could, but our Mom was a little angry. The curse had been placed again. As soon as we got them, 1 of them turned out to be a killer. He bit to death 1 of the fish. Then the killer died 1 month later. Then, it seemed that the life of the others was going to end soon after. But they lived on and they still do. In this very house...

The End

Monday, November 12, 2007

Like the Story?

Did you like my first story on Blogspot? I sure hope so. Send in your comments. Also read the stories of my friend at Don't forget to keep reading and post your thoughts. Keep watch for the Never Ending Fish Part 2. Bye!

Never Ending Fish

This is the story of 3 fish who are cursed to live forever, as long as they are under a Tillingers roof. This is the story of the Lucky Fish, who will live forever. Even if they don't want to. The curse will remain, fish go insane. This is an unsolvable mystery. Or is it? Can you solve the curse of forever fish?

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, lived a family. One day this family, my family, the Tillingers went out to the store and bought 4 pet fish. 2 yellow fish, 1 black fish, 1 white fish. The white fish died not long after, about 2 months later. After another few months, the 2 yellow fish mated, and had a baby. That very night, the baby had disappeared. We believe that the black fish ate it. From then on, I didn't like that fish. Another few months passed, and the girl yellow fish died. Three down, two to go. After that, we began to ignore the needs of the fish. We didn't clean the tank or feed them. About 2 months later, the black fish died. The yellow fish lived on for another year. My parents believed that it lived off the alegea. But I knew the truth. The curse had struck. After a year, we had to move. We gave the fish to my friend Josh.

1 month later...
Lucky Fish was dead.
To be continued...

This is Bogey

This is my dog Bogey. He is half-Golden Retriever, half-Rottwiler. He may be part Rotti, but he is really nice. He barks a lot at first when you meet him, but when you pet him, he starts licking you or being nice. Some nights he will jump up on my bed at night for a little while. He may do that but he loves my Mom the most.
Want to finish this post off with a wacky fact? Whenever we can't get him to come inside or out, to get him moving, just ring the doorbell. He'll come running. (sometimes into the door.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


To my neighbor, Kathryn. You owe me a chocolate bar for all of those m&m's. See you later.

Hi, I'm Brian.

Hi! I'm Brian, and this is my first entry. I am in the seventh grade, I'm a straight A student,for now, and I'm a total bookworm! This isn't really my first time on Blogger. My next door neighbor, Kathryn (sportqueen_14), "interviewed" me on one of my favorite series of books, The Great Tree of Avalon. Right now, the book I'm reading is Redwall. Some of my other favorites are, The Lost Years of Merlin epic, Harry Potter, and Warriors. Some of my favorite online videos are Potter Puppet Pals, on Youtube. That's all I have to say on this post. For now...