Friday, June 13, 2008

Epic: Part 1

Right now, I am reading a great Science-Fiction book called Epic by Conor Kostick. I found the book at the local bookstore when I asked the lady at the counter about any new fantasy books.

On New Earth, a planet colonized about 1000 years ago when Earth was consumed by war, there is only one law: No Violence. New Earth is run by Central Allocations, and at the head of Central Allocations is the Committee. They govern the world through Epic, a computer game where conflicts are solved in the arena. Everyone has a character and if you lose in the arena, you will lose all of your wealth and you could be moved to a hard job, like one at the salt pans or the mines.

In Eric's small agricultural district, Hope, Central Allocations is neglecting the district's needs. After the Committee learns the true identity of Eric's father after a battle for the district's needs, he is exiled and Eric and his friends begin a quest through Epic to save him. In doing so, they will face enemies, allies, and they will learn secrets of the game that the Committee has been hiding for years.

So far, it is an awesome story. Since I probably won't finish until I'm gone, I'll finish posting a review after I get back from camp.


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