Friday, June 20, 2008


My brothers are beyond annoying. However, Ezra is the one that can be truly evil. He starts fights with Jordan and I, and sometimes even doesn't listen to my mom when she is trying to break up a fight or get ready for something.

He loves doing stuff just so that my brother and I can't. Here is an example: He is playing his Nintendo DS. Jordan walks up to a toy of some kind. Ezra quickly closes his DS, and picks up the toy Jordan was going to play with. He is pure evil.

One time, I was playing a computer game... in a corner... behind the couch. My brother says he wants to do his homework down there. He sat down next to me. I was being sort of noisy, and he kept telling me to shut up. I got my mom, who told him, "This is a public room. They can be noisy if they want. Go to your room to do your homework or something." You want to know what he replied...


My mom was furious. He does stuff like this a lot. However, sometimes he can be a good brother. Usually it's when my other brother, Jordan is being a brat. We usually are on the same page when that happens. Life with siblings is topsy turvy.

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Anna said...

I find it very difficult to sympathize with you because I have three OLDER brothers. So I was always the annoying younger sibling. However, they do tease me a lot, and sometimes it is very embarrassing!