Friday, March 7, 2008

Martial Arts

Twice a week, I take Martial Arts lessons. It is really fun and it gets me active. I have just become a Blue Belt. My brothers also take lessons there and one of them, Ezra, is a Purple Stripe, while Jordan is a Blue Belt like me. The only reason we're this good is that we all took a few weeks of Karate Camp at our dojo. At the end of each week there, we were able to Belt test, so every week I went, I grew a belt level. However, now that I'm a Blue Belt, a high belt, I won't grow a belt every time I test. My brothers and I are in Leadership Club at our dojo. Unless you join either Leadership or Masters club, we are not qualified to train to be black belts. In fact, next year, I will try to become a jedo, which is one of the "student teachers" there. I will also be going 3 times a week instead. The only reason I didn't do that this year is because I had Hebrew School on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can't wait to be able to do that.
In Martial Arts, we learn respect, forms, kicks, focus and self-control, and self-defense. We learn respect, focus, and self-control through listening and meditation. We learn lots of kicks too. To do the kicks, you need lots of balance. We learn arc, ax, push, front-snap, jump front-snap, jump side, and arc-spin-jump-arc kicks. The high belts learn even more kicks. Every belt level has a form too. Low belts have three or four different forms. The masters teach a different low belt form after every belt test. Green belts and up have only one form however. Each belt up has a longer and harder form. I've only learned the first three or four steps of mine though. Every belt also has a self defense form. A partner throws a fake punch at you and you use the form to turn it against them. There are lots of things we learn at Martial Arts.
I think that it is really worth taking Martial Arts lessons. It is really fun, and I learn a lot.


Kathryn said...

That sound really cool Brian. Abby is a black belt now. I haven't talked to her in while, so I don't know how her belt test went, but I am sure that she did great! Keep up your good work Brian, and you could also be a Black Belt!

Sunbum said...

Whoa. I'm in Kung-Fu. It's awesome.