Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My kitten, Apollo, is very cute, but he can be vicious. In his cute moments, he cuddles up with me while I'm reading. Problem with that is that he also cuddles up while I'm working on homework. I think that he thinks that my homework is his bed. It can be very annoying. Also, just a second ago, he was sneezing. He has these tiny little "Achoo"s. Even though he was sneezing on my hand, it was so funny. He also meows in a very sweet way. However, when he is in a vicious or playful mood, he can be dangerous. Even though he just got his claws trimmed, they still hurt. Sometimes, I lift my hand to pet him, and he'll attack it. He's teething, so it hurts even more. Also, although this is both cute and vicious, he attacks my legs while I'm walking sometimes. He is a very funny, cute, and vicious kitten.

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