Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Key to Reading Two Books at a Time

Just so you know, I am horrible at reading two books at a time, and don't even follow my own rules. However, I think these are fairly good ones. The biggest problem with reading 2 books at a time, in my opinion, isn't getting confused by the 2 separate story lines, but being so enveloped by one that you forget to read the other. The key, I think is to designate your own guidelines for when to read one and when to read the other. (I'd better finish this post quickly. My cat is walking on the keyboard periodically.) That way, no matter how slow or fast the other gets, you won't only start reading one. I, however, totally suck at this. I am reading The 13th Reality and the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the same time, and I am being completely sucked into The 13th Reality. I am struggling to put The 13th Reality down for a minute to get farther into The Fellowship. The side that wants to read The 13th Reality more is obviously winning. (Two nights ago I was in Chapter 10. Tonight, I'll probably go to sleep on Chapter 42.) A tip for reading two books at once, try to read books at the same difficulty level.

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Anna said...

Don't feel bad. Any modern book will win over a book that is over fifty years old, and The Fellowship is. It isn't that modern books are better than old ones (usually quite the contrary) but that they are easier to read and easier to get into because they aren't as complicated as old ones. I'm reading Return of the King, and I just got Firestar's Quest. I'll try to keep up with Return of the King....but I won't be surprised if Firestar's Quest wins. (Actually I might try extra hard this time since I'm going on a trip next week and read it then...but you get the picture.)