Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Kirels

The small water creature had bluish skin that was nearly purple around its neck. Off of the sides of its body were its legs. At the end of the Kirel’s thin legs, were four fins for hands and feet. Its tail was long and almost like that of an Orca whale. The tips of the tail were colored in a way that stood out a lot. The tips were bright green, the same color of grass when sun shines down on to it. It had a short, stubby neck at the front of its body. Its head was a very strange sight. It had two cat-like ears at the top of the head. Right below, were its large, bulging, green eyes. For its mouth, the creature had a large beak that circled part way around the sides of the head. The beak was slightly raised at the top, like the hump of a camel. The Kirel was a kind, gentle creature. Although, when threatened, could speed through the water like a torpedo.

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