Sunday, February 10, 2008

Inkspell Part 1

I have just begun reading Inkspell. I haven't gotten into it yet, and it is over 600 pages, so it may take me a few days to read it. Hopefully I'll like it enough to post a synopsis. I'm only in chapter 1 though.


J Scott Savage said...

If you liked Inkheart, you'll really like Inkspell. I wasn't sure I'd like a second book, because the first one seemd to stand alone just fine. But I liked the second one just as much.

Brian said...

Mr. Savage-
Thank You for posting something on my website. I was very surprised when I saw your comment. If you see this, could you go into the post archive and look at the story I began to write, but never continued.

J Scott Savage said...


How could I resist the request of a fellow blogger and fantasy book reviewer? I also added your blog to the list of links on my site.

J Scott Savage said...


I just finished your first chapter. Talk about starting a story with a cliff hanger. I liked it a lot.

Here are a couple of tips when you first start writing. First of all, don't be afraid to try a bunch of new things. That's how you find a voice that you're comfortable writing in. It's perfectly okay to try a mystery or a fantasy or whatever you like.

Once you're ready to write a whole story come up with an exciting beginning (which you did) and an equally exciting ending. Don't start writing until you know the ending, and don't quit until you've finished.

It's tempting to read what you started with and go back and edit it. But resist the temptation. Instead, stick with it until you are done. It's much easier to edit a complete manuscript than it is to get started again once you lose steam.