Saturday, February 9, 2008

Inkheart Part 2

I just finished reading Inkheart last night. It was amazing! Inkheart is abot a normal girl named Meggie, who lives with her father, a book binder, Mo. Mo has taught Meggie to love reading ever since she was little. However, Mo never reads to Meggie. Then, one night, a stranger arrives at the door, soaked with rain. Dustfinger, had come to warn Mo, that Capricorn was searching desperately for him and a book called Inkheart. When Mo takes Dustfinger and Meggie to their great aunt Elinor's house, Meggie begins to wonder who Dustfinger and the mysterious Capricorn are. All of a sudden, Meggie is in the middle of a great adventure, learning of her and her father's mysterious past. Read Inkheart to find out!

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