Saturday, November 17, 2007

Survival Flight: Chapter 2: My Brother

"I have to go back to that cliff."
"Jared, what are you talking about?" Jacob said incredulously.
"I really have no idea, but when I fell off of that cliff, I felt an amazing sensation. Sure, I was terrified, but it was a feeling that I have to feel again. I really can't explain it, but it was just so amazing." I was telling the truth. I had to go back. There was this strange new instinct in me, telling me to take new risks, although this instinct was mostly pulling me torward the cliff again. "Maybe we could drag a mattress under me of somthing. I just have to do it again except this time, I'll jump of, not trip."
"Well..." Jacob and I may have been twins, but we were nothing alike. Don't let the fact that we looked exactly the same fool you. While I was a straight A student, who sat on my bed and drilled through fantasy books all night, Jacob liked sports and would hang out with his friends from school, and would pretend to read a book at night until mom left, when he would pull out his GameBoy. I didn't complain. He always kept it on low volume. We were the best of friends too, always looking out for eachother. At school, whenever one of us was being picked on by "the cool kids", the other would always be the first to stand up for eachother. "alright, but I'm going to test if it's safe first. If you got hurt like that again, Mom wouldn't let you out of her sight until we were eighteen." That was my bro, always looking out for me.

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