Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Survival Flight: Chapter 1: The First Sign

Pain swept through me like lightning, and I ached all over, even though my pain was not as great as my feeling of wonder. But that wonder was quickly be pressed down by hurt in my body. I looked up and saw the edge of the cliff towering over me, Jacob's face looking down on me with an expression of horror written all over it.
"Are you all right?" he yelled down to me.
"Yeah," I managed to yell back.
As I tried to sit up, Jacob raced down the side of the cliff toward me. "Wow," he said in amazement, " I can't believe you even lived that fall. How did you survive?"
" I don't know," I answered, equally amazed. "But almost as soon as I fell, I had the greatest feeling running through me, and it felt like my fall had slowed down. It felt great until I hit the bottom."
"I thought there was something weird going on when you never started screaming."
Slowly and silently, I tried to climb to my feet. " Either way it hurt, so let's get home and get Mom."
"Yeah, Mom will be able to patch you up, bro."
And we began the long walk home.

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Kathryn said...


What are the odds that someone would live a fall off a cliff?