Monday, January 26, 2009

Writing Day #2

My writing day yesterday went rather well. I had to spend the morning, until around 1:30 doing homework, and after that I wrote almost nonstop. I finished with about 1000 more words than when I started. Nothing else really to report on it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know I've already posted twice tonight, but we went over to my mom's friend, Shawn's, house to watch Jumper. Jumper is a sci-fi thriller about a 15 year old by who discovers that he has the power to Jump, to be able to teleport anywhere in the world in an instant. He quickly becomes rich by robbing a bank and leaves his mean father to live on his world, traveling all over the world everyday. He can surf waves in Fiji, climb Mount Everest, and have lunch on top of the Sphinx in an hour. He can do anything. But the Paladin's don't like that. David is pulled into an ancient war between the Jumpers and the Paladin's, a group of religious fanatics who believe that only God should have the power to do anything. The Paladin's hunt and murder anyone who has this power, and anyone who get's in their way; including David's girlfriend from before he left to travel the world. Suddenly, David and his girlfriend Millie are in a high-speed chase with some help from Griffen, another wise-cracking Jumper who'd been hunting Paladin's all his life. Amazing special effects. It was a pretty cool concept. I'd highly recomend it. It was very cool.

Inkheart: The Movie

Today, I went to see the movie version of Inkheart! It was actually pretty good. They ruined it, but they ruined it well. Wierd, I know. There were a few major changes, mostly in the beginning and end, but other than that, it stayed pretty true to the book.

****Movie and Book Spoilers Below****

  • They changed the beginning. Dustfinger chased them around a marketplace somewhere snowy, instead of finding them at their home.
  • Fenoglio had a manuscript of Inkheart in the movie.
  • Elinor wasn't recaptured after they went to Fenoglio's village. She tried to go home, but instead went back to, with Darius, fight against Capricorn.
  • Mo and Dustfinger went back to Capricorns village willingly, to try to find Resa.
  • And the big one was that Meggie didn't finish reading Fenoglio's alternate story for the Shadow, and had to finish it by writing her own ending on her arm, in which ALL of Capricorn's men died, including Mortola and Basta.
  • Resa could talk again at the end.
  • Fenoglio asked to go into the book.
  • Dustfinger was sent home to his wife by Mo at the end of the movie, and Farid stayed with the group at Elinor's house.
They made it so that they could not make a second, but it was still a good movie either way.


The last time I read Inkspell, I never actually finished. Over winter break though, I finally finished reading it, and it was terrific!!! I loved it, especially the world the Cornelie Funke has created. Although in the book, it was Fenoglio who made it. And Fenoglio is not happy about it. Everything is going wrong: Cosimo the Fair is dead; the Laughing Prince has lately been known as the Prince of Sighs; and the Adderhead is practically in control of the land. However, when Dustfinger, Farid, Meggie and Gwin appear in Inkworld, things my start to get better. Or maybe they won't. Mortola and Basta are out for revenge toward Mo, and when he is shot in the Inkworld, Resa must keep him alive until Meggie can help with her magical voice. I absolutely loved it.

I think that the best part was probably the Spelt Mill. Meggie, Farid, and Dustfinger went to a Mill in Argenta, the realm of the Adderhead, and they are ambushed by Basta. What I loved was that Farid saves the day, attacking Basta and the Slasher, his minion, with fire.

Right now, I am reading Inkdeath, book 3. It is great so far! I can't wait to see how it ends. The end of Inkspell really made me want to read more. By the way, tomorrow is my full day of writing! I'll post on it tomorrow morning.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry I haven't (spelling issues) posted in a while. My computer caught a very bad virus somehow, so I've been partially cut off from the Internet all weekend, since Thursday night. My iTouch has been a lifesaver though. When I get my computer back I'll have a lot to write about.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Day of Writing: Day 1: Part 2

I don't have that much to say about my first full day of writing. I goofed off a little. I watched TV. It was pretty much a lazy Sunday, except that I got some work done. I wrote about 600 more words, and did a few minor revisions. I also thought up some more ideas and plotlines. It was fun though. Maybe I'll schedule a few more!

Full Day of Writing: Day 1: Part 1

Well, I'm all set to write all day long. The only things that will probably stop my writing today is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and whatever my brothers will need while I'm babysitting them. (Hopefully they'll still be in a good mood after Sunday School at the synagogue.) I slept in a good long time, which is great. (Last night was a good night to watch Saturday Night Live.) So, now I can get to writing. (Wow. Short post.) I may post later in the day, not including night, to say how it's going.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Fencing: An olympic sport which is based off of swordfighting. 

Before 1st lesson:

I'm so excited!!! I start fencing lessons at the South Bellevue Community Center tonight!!! I've wanted to do this for so long. Watching Fencing in the Olympics really fueled my entusiasm (I don't usually use that kind of phrase.). And reading ton's of fantasy books really helped. Plus, if anyone has seen The Princess Bride, they'll know how that played into it. I can't wait. I am so jumpy that I decided to use a homework pass on one of my assignments. I wouldn't be able to finish more than 1 assignment because I'm so jumpy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There. That got rid of some of my jumpyness. Sorta. I'll post about my lesson after it happens.

By the way, I've gotten a lot of work done on my story in the last few days.

Like Bettina, I'm having trouble ending a post.

Awww... My cat looks so tiny curled up in a ball.

Ok. I'm done.

After 1st lesson:

It was really fun! I loved it. First, we started by learning the footwork: Engard, Advance, and Reverse. Then, we got a sword and learned how to hold it correctly. (The type of fencing we're learning is Epee, which is the French word for sword.) We also learned how to do the footwork while holding the sword, and how to do the basic attack: the Lunge. It was actually very tiring. Not only was the sword heavy, but holding the same bent-knees position for so long while moving hurts. I can't wait for my lesson next week.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! It's finally 2009, and I'm confident that it will be a good year! (As long as we don't move.) First of all, later this year will be the start of high school! I can't wait to see how it's gonna be. Also, I hope to have finished my book by the end of the year. If many people could write a 50000 word novel in a month, I'm sure I can finish my rough draft with a years work. Only 44000 more words to go... to reach 50000. There are also some reading goals I want to meet. I want to have read some Shakespeare, for one. I'll figure out others later though. One Shakespeare is enough for me... for now anyways. My dad and I are going to see The Tempest in May, so I need to read that by then.

Lot's to do in so little time. A year is shorter than it feels.