Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inkheart: The Movie

Today, I went to see the movie version of Inkheart! It was actually pretty good. They ruined it, but they ruined it well. Wierd, I know. There were a few major changes, mostly in the beginning and end, but other than that, it stayed pretty true to the book.

****Movie and Book Spoilers Below****

  • They changed the beginning. Dustfinger chased them around a marketplace somewhere snowy, instead of finding them at their home.
  • Fenoglio had a manuscript of Inkheart in the movie.
  • Elinor wasn't recaptured after they went to Fenoglio's village. She tried to go home, but instead went back to, with Darius, fight against Capricorn.
  • Mo and Dustfinger went back to Capricorns village willingly, to try to find Resa.
  • And the big one was that Meggie didn't finish reading Fenoglio's alternate story for the Shadow, and had to finish it by writing her own ending on her arm, in which ALL of Capricorn's men died, including Mortola and Basta.
  • Resa could talk again at the end.
  • Fenoglio asked to go into the book.
  • Dustfinger was sent home to his wife by Mo at the end of the movie, and Farid stayed with the group at Elinor's house.
They made it so that they could not make a second, but it was still a good movie either way.


J.N. Future Author said...


LouMac said...

Yeah! It was pretty good. My brother took me to it for a birthday present! I loved it! It was good, but I hate it when people change it in the movie. They did make it good though. You have to admit that.
A guy said on television that it was confusing. What is so confusing about going back to the castle to get his wife? I mean, use your brains dude! Oh well. Maybe it was because we have actually read the book(s)!
Well, nice hearing from you.
Did you fix your virus thingy?

Brian said...

J.N. - Yep. It came out on Friday.

Lou - Someone thought it was confusing? What's not to get?

Yes, I did fix my virus, finally. It took a lot of effort on my mom's friend's part.