Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Day of Writing: Day 1: Part 1

Well, I'm all set to write all day long. The only things that will probably stop my writing today is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and whatever my brothers will need while I'm babysitting them. (Hopefully they'll still be in a good mood after Sunday School at the synagogue.) I slept in a good long time, which is great. (Last night was a good night to watch Saturday Night Live.) So, now I can get to writing. (Wow. Short post.) I may post later in the day, not including night, to say how it's going.


Q said...

Good luck!

The Funny one said...

"Saturday Night Live" was indeed hilarious last night! Hope you get some good writing done today. :~)

LouMac said...

Hope you have fun! Good luck! Maybe I should try writing for a whole day!