Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! It's finally 2009, and I'm confident that it will be a good year! (As long as we don't move.) First of all, later this year will be the start of high school! I can't wait to see how it's gonna be. Also, I hope to have finished my book by the end of the year. If many people could write a 50000 word novel in a month, I'm sure I can finish my rough draft with a years work. Only 44000 more words to go... to reach 50000. There are also some reading goals I want to meet. I want to have read some Shakespeare, for one. I'll figure out others later though. One Shakespeare is enough for me... for now anyways. My dad and I are going to see The Tempest in May, so I need to read that by then.

Lot's to do in so little time. A year is shorter than it feels.


J.N. Future Author said...

wow....I forgot your only an 8th grader!

honestly, good luck with your 50,000 word novel! ^.^

Brian said...

Yeah. I sometimes forget that you, Q, and Magenta are so much older, too. Common interests can really lessen an age gap... sorta.

LouMac said...

Hey I can't wait for high school either. You're writing a novel? As in a novel to be published? Good luck. If it is a published novel, I'll be the first to buy it. : )

Happy New Year to you too!

~ Loumac

Q said...

You have a really mature writing style for an eighth grader. Good job. :)