Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Necromancer Apprentice

Everyone else (aka. Bettina and Jacoby) have been talking about their stories, so why not talk about mine.

My story is about a 14 year old necromancer named Polsvend, who lives with his twin brother and the cruel old man who claims to have rescued them from their evil parents when they were babies. The old man is a master at necromancy, and teaches them both. Steensvend, Polsvend's brother, is adept at necromancy and idolizes the old man for his skills and for rescuing them. Polsvend, however, is a mediocre necromancer, having only successfully raised someone from the dead once, it ending in a miserable failure after the skeleton went berserk and tried to kill them all. They are both maltreated, although Polsvend more so, and Polsvend completely distrusts the old man. However, when Polsvend's suspiscions are confirmed with his brother's murder, Polsvend must go on a journey to find the truth about his family and avenge his brother. This adventure may mean more to the world than Polsvend knows, though. And it's already unlikely chances. How is an inexperienced necromancer supposed to fight an alliance of master's alone?

Oops. I sorta slipped from explaining the book to making it into a synopsis sorta thing. I started writing the story around last September. I just wrote the prologue to get my idea down. Then, I based the whole story off of that. I've been adding to it ever since.

I got the names from a few different things. One of them I named after one of my friends. A bunch were based off of the Dutch language. Some were just words that I morphed, like Literati and Senkor, two countries in the story.

I've had so many plot changes: My original plan was to have the Prologue take place in the past, and the real story having entirly different characters. It then changed to possibly being in the future. And then, it became  what it is today, being the present.

I have a lot more to explain, but this is enough for now.


Q said...

1. Is revenge a strong enough motivator? Why? What character traits does Polsvend have to make it strong enough? Why does he want to find out about his family? Why is it important?

2. I really like that you're basing your names off of a real language. Doing that tends to make the names sound more alike and connected.

Brian said...

It is revenge and misery that fuels him at first. He wants revenge for the deaths of his parents and his brother, but after speaking to his mother (dead) eventually, it turns into a quest to save the world of theirs, Laykona.

His traits? He is determined/stubborn, he is a little rough and his hard to get down. Sorta. He get's depressed real easily after his brother's death. He is stubborn. (Enough to be said twice.) He relents sometimes, though. Hmmm.... I can't think of much else to describe him. He is loving toward his brother and his very few friends. And eventually to his mother. I'm not sure what I'll do with his father yet. He also get's powerful and forceful (well, maybe that's not the right word) when he's angry about something.

What he wants to find out about his family is, well, the truth. His whole life, he's been told that his parents were horrible people who did horrible things, and that his master saved them. He wants to find out the whole truth. Just because the old man was a liar doesn't mean he wasn't telling the truth about some things. Ohh... I just got a great idea from that.

I'll post on the history of this worlds soon.

It's really fun making the names, either from Dutch, or by making them up myself, Laykona being one of my inventions. I'll post the map I made sometime soon, too.

Q said...

Those questions were for your own references and ruminations. I hoped they would make you think, because they're what I came up with as an objective reader.

J.N. Future Author said...

ah, was that the one I got to read? I wanted to read the rest of that! besides, necromancers are cool!

for that matter, death is intriguing. I can't wait to taste of it

Magenta said...

That's a great idea for a book. It sounds a lot like something I'd like to read. I hope I get to read more about it. Cool that it has Necromancers in it.