Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A lot to talk about... but not really/ The 13th Realiy: Hunt for the Dark Infinity Blog Tour

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. All last week my computer was broken. It couldn't connect to the internet and had to be erased intirely. Luckily, all my files were saved, including my story, which is now 12606 pages long and has 41 pages. It is lacking subplots though, and is a bit of a bore for a while. I need to have more characters, and more for my character to do in the first few chapters, other than run. I've posted the first few chapters at the critique group section on the Farworld forum under Critisism for The Necromancer Apprentice if you want to read it. Or you can email me to get the prologue. I've already sent it to you, Jacoby, right?

I've got a few short movie reviews to do.

Push -

It really sucked. Don't see it. It was so boring and disgusting that me, both of my brothers, my mom, and her friend said that they should have seen something else. It didn't even tie up all the plots at the end. If your going to leave something open for a sequel, at least make it a good movie.

Pink Panther II -

It was silly, of course, but it was better than Push. If you saw the first one, you should see II, but if not, it's not worth it.

My weekend in movies was really dissappointing.

On Friday though, I had a really fun/funny/guilty time. I went to a paintball (painball) party for my friend, Alex. I got a few bruises, but it wasn't me that got hurt. The big rule was to not shoot someone up close. When you get close, you're supposed to yell surrender. The first piece of guilt was toward my friend, Marek. We were playing a game called Presidential Assasination, and Alex was the president. I killed him, with a paintball to the chest. My turn to be president. My two secret service agents, Alex and his dad, died, and the other team rushed up to me. Marek yelled surrender. I didn't hear, and shot him in the leg from 5 feet away. My friend Sean hit me in the thumb afterward, somehow killing me. Marek had a huge welt, and was rather pissed off at me. It was rather funny though. Next, in the last game, Alex ran in front of me just as I started to fire. I hit him in the back, and he went down. He had a gigantic welt and was mad. I hadn't meant to hit him, so that wasn't funny at all. 

That's pretty much all that has happened since I last posted.

Oh, and for James Dashner's blog tour, The 13th Reality: Book 2: Hunt for the Dark Infinity comes out in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait, and I highly encourage you to buy it!!! Was that good enough? I don't know what else to write? Also, the Maze Runner is coming out (hopefully) in September. And I really want that ARC.


Q said...

I've never gone paintballing (too much bruising involved--must be a guy thing) but shooting paintball guns is fun.

J.N. Future Author said...

Paintballing is way fun! this kid in class has a gun called an Angel or something like that...I don't know about paintballing guns much but everyone in the class was impressed.

hehe, death by thumb!

Adri Phaustho said...

Wow, I'd really like to get the prologue of your story... but I'm not sure whether this is the safest way to tell you my e-mail address...

Tell me how to give it to you, please, I'm really interested in your work.

See you!