Tuesday, February 3, 2009

High School: Class of 2013: Class Choices: Part 1

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. Nothing has really happened, other than homework and the Superbowl, which everyone's already talked enough about. I was rooting for the Cardinals by the way, and the Doritos crystal ball commercial was the best.

Last night, my mom went to some High School informational meeting, to learn about my class choices. There are 7 periods of the day, and these are the classes she suggested to me:
  • English 9
  • ATC English 9
  • Honors Geometry 9
  • Honors Science 9 (Chemistry and Physics)
  • World History 9
  • Spanish 2 (2nd year of Spanish)

That last one is a free period. I think I'll take her suggestions on this. In middle school, I took some more fun classes, but in high school, I don't think it's about having fun at school.

This Thursday, someone is coming to our school to talk for two periods to us about classes to take, so that may change my answers a bit. I'll post again after that. By the way, ATC English 9 stands for Advance Tecnical Communications. My mom says that it is very useful if you want to write papers or books.


J.N. Future Author said...

wait...are you highschool? 9th grade? awesome! your just starting school!

don't take German! its hard!

J.N. Future Author said...

also, nice new layout!!!

Q said...

Oh, come now. High school is absolutely about having fun. No one would ever survive it if it weren't.

Brian said...

I'm not High School yet. I'm in the 8th Grade. I start High School later in the year. We are starting to choose classes around now. I'll try to use my free period for fun whenever I can.

LouMac said...

Hey those are some sweet choices. Since I am home schooled, I have already started those classes. I'm in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters in most of my classes. I think you should go for German. My mom said it was easy and my older brother took it. He passed it and he had a learning disability. I think you are smart enough to ace it. Good luck Brian and hope you make good course choices! (Have a few fun ones for me!)

Brian said...

I'd take your advice and take german (maybe) but I'm already in my second year of spanish. I took two years of it in middle school, which counted for one year of high school spanish.

J.N. Future Author said...

then maybe my teacher just cant teach....because my german class is so extremely vexing

Adri Phaustho said...

Spanish is cool and very useful since you can use it in Spain and all over South America and so on...

Besides, you'll be able to read my blog more fluently!

See you!