Sunday, November 16, 2008

The New Haircut: The Weirdest Hundredth Post Ever!

I have a positive and a negative, or, in more exact order, a negative and a positive. First, as you can see, I got a haircut. Shoot. I've had really long hair for such a long time, and now, it's all gone. Kathryn was really smug (not sure if this is the right word) about it. She has been trying to talk me into getting a haircut for months. I hate haircuts...

And on a more positive note, sort of, the only good thing about my new haircut is that, it means that this is Bookworm's 100th Post! Hooray!


Q said...

Well, if it's any consolation, it looks good!

Happy 100th post!

J.N. Future Author said...

wow! I'm still so jealous! you still (even with your haircut) have extremely cool hair!

I think it looks great!

and congrats on post 100! may you have 100 more!!! ^.^

FlockFan97724 said...

I remember once I had to get a haircut, my mom told the lady to cut it a little below my ears, and didn't even tell me (because I wanted it cut to my shoulders). When my hair was all gone, i looked like a guy (no offence).

And I agree with Q, it's not that bad.

Happy 100th!

Adri Phaustho said...

Oh my God! So many posts already! My blog is running since 2006 and I still haven´t reached that number!

Congratulations! I'll keep reading your blog, my friend!

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