Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christopher Paolini Book Signing


I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Christopher Paolini, at Seattle Town Hall. He is the author of Eragon, so I got Eragon, 2 copies of Eldest, and Brisingr signed. I would have gotten just one copy of Eldest signed, but one of my copies was mangled, so we got a nice, neat paperback for $5. Not only was it a book signing, but it was a big party!

When my mom and I first got there, some guys from the Seattle Knights, a group of people who were taught to do theatrical sword fights, greeted us. Then, my mom and I went over to some of the stands, a picture thing, and a "fortuneteller." Luckily, it didn't cost anything. I hope it was right (which they rarely are) and I will do well in school. Then, we went and got some cookies.

For the next part of the party, we went upstairs to watch the Seattle Knights put on a show. It was silly, but the sword-fighting was pretty cool. Afterward, Christopher Paolini came up and talked about the books. Something that he said that his favorite line that he wrote was an Urgal saying, "Die, puny human!" Afterall, what's the point of writing a fantasy novel if you can't say things like that!

After his speech, he started signing books. It took hours for us to get a turn. On each ticket, there was a letter. First, they called A's to line up, then B's, and so on. We were D's. A's took an hour. B's took 45 minutes. C's also took 45 minutes. We had to wait in line for about half an hour. Throughout the wait, we got to talk with some of the Seattle Knights. One of them had 60 pound armor on. Another we talked with talked about the Seattle Knights, training, her armor, and what kind of things like that she did. When we finally got the books signed, my mom was really peed by the wait.

It was a really cool experience, and I hope he comes back someday.


Anna said...

Very cool. I think I would have liked meeting Paolini, but the sword fights and the wait sounds tedious, even though the sword fighting could be interesting...perhaps he will come back for the mysterious Book 4! I haven't gotten hold of Brisingr yet, but my cousin rudely unveiled an important plot element. I still wanna read it. :D

Q said...

You live in/near a big city--he'll probably go back. It sounds totally cool.

J.N. Future Author said...

that sounds sooo cool! it almost sounds like a Harry Potter party. they were so much fun!....

60 pounds of armor....wow, I bet that hurts in the morning ^.^

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty cool, wish I could have been there.

I have not read Brisingr yet, can't wait till I do. But I have heard it's a bit like Star Wars, but I don't think Star Wars has DRAGONS. Of course, I haven't read/seen Star Wars. Didn't think it would interest me. But now maybe I will read/see it...

I thought Eragon was better than Eldest, but that's probably 'cuz I usually enjoy the first book better than the others.

Right now I'm reading The Lightning Thief. The Percy Jackson book. So far I love it. Haven't you read it?

Well, bye!

Brian said...

Brisngr was great! Also, you should probably see Star Wars, not read it. By the way, The Lightning Thief was a great story, too.

FlockFan97724 said...

See the movie. Right. I knew that.