Friday, February 19, 2010


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I've been watching 24 non stop. Best show ever!

My mom and her boyfriend, Shawn have the first 6 seasons of the show on DVD and I've been watching them all the way through for the past two months.

Right now, I am in season 5. So far, I think the best season is..... well, all of them. I can't

think of any one that was better then the others. It is so good!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack Bauer is the leading cause of death in terrorists.

It has so many great twists!!!!!! I never know what happens next!! I can't believe the bad guy in Season 1 was reallly ****. Sorry. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. And anyone who hasn't really should!


Jack Bauer is awesome!!!!!

Ummm.... can't really think of anything else to say without spoiling the whole series.


J.N. Future Author said...

I think you are BANG....and crazy ^.~

Q said...

Oh my gosh. 24 is so dangerous. I love it, but I have to use SO MUCH self-control so I don't watch a whole season in one go.

Brian said...

I've been watching them non stop. I'm a third of the way through season 7 already. SO GOOD!!!

Deirdra said...

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Can you email me at EdenLiterary at gmail dot com