Monday, August 11, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. I have just been too lazy. I have a lot to talk about though. I'll save the best for last though, so don't skip ahead.

1. The Olympics are so great to watch. I love them, and this is the first year I've paid attention to them. My favorite event to watch is fencing. The other day, the coolest thing happened in fencing. In the Woman's Individual Sabre, the three USA fencers, Mariel Zaguinis, Sada Jacobson, and Becca Ward, all one the medals, in that order. They had won the first 3 medals for the US this year.

2. Today, I went to the only amusement park in the Seattle area, Wild Waves. It was okay. There were two roller coasters that were okay. They weren't that great. Then, on one of the tube rides, I kicked a wall and made my foot bleed pretty badly.

3. This is the most important thing that's happened to me lately was getting tickets to go to a book signing from a very famous author.

[Drum roll.]

[Drum Roll end]

Christopher Paolini!
I saw that there were tickets or sale online. We called right away and the person that answered said that if we ordered Brisngr then, we'd get 2 free tickets. The signing is on Monday, October 1st. I am beyond excited. The signing is also a big party. There will be jousting! I cant wait.


Anna said...

Mon, that is incredibly cool! where is the signing at?

Brian said...

The signing is at Seattle Town Hall. Chech to see if there is a sgining near you at

J.N. Future Author said...

Wow, sounds pretty painful O.o

i saw you on J Scott Savages blog, and looked up your user. i COULDNT belivie you like all of the same books i do! Like "His Dark Materials" the list of people that like that book are like a handful! i was so impressed that i had to write!

maybe ill be a regular to your blog ^.^ im always looking for friends that like to read. good luck with the signing! and i cant wait till Brisinger comes out! (if thats how you spell it =P)

Brian said...

I know. I can't wait for Brisingr! I'm so excited! Also, speaking of His Dark Materials, the movie kinda stunk. They left out the end for pity's sake!

J.N. Future Author said...

i couldn't agree with you more! why did they leave out the ending! it was the most crucial scene to the WHOLE ENTIRE MOVIE. the ending was really a letdown.

but then again, i did not like the eragon movie. it seemed to mock the movie more than bolter how cool it is.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so lucky.Christopher Paolini is one of my all time favorite writers.Dragons rock, so do their riders. If they are on the good side at least!


Fencing rocks too,wish I could learn.

Brian said...

I completely agree.

Kathryn said...

Wild waves was so much fun brian! Other than the fact that you but your foot that is.....but anyway, the TIMBERHAWK WAS AWESOME!!